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Accounting & financial management outsourcing services

Business Process Outsourcing Services offered by Duja, is a comprehensive service addressing all financial management, project management, interim management and payroll and operations requirements of clients. This service enables clients to focus their skills and energies on their core business.

Duja Can provide bookkeeping services on a monthly, bi-monthly or annual basis on behalf of any clients ( Sole Proprietors, Close Corporations, Companies & Trusts ).

Duja can prepare your annual financial statements from your trail balance of from the accounting records we have prepared on your behalf

Public sector audit and accounting services

The demands of external auditors when faced with the challenges inherent to the public sector are enormous. These challenges stem from the highly complex nature of the environment, the focus of various statutory bodies on the quality of work and very often the sheer scale of the work.

It is essential that highly skilled auditors and accounting professionals, who are aware of the challenges of the public sector work by employed, to fulfill the client’s requirements in the highly complex environment.

Duja believes that the public sector affects the lives of each of South Africa’s citizens and the therefore committed to offering services of the very highest standard to this important part of our economy. Duja prides itself on the services and the skills required, that we are able to offer to the public sector.

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