Forensic Investigation & Procurement Services

Forensic Investigation

Duja Consulting is a forensic practice well suited for all your forensic audit and investigative needs. Our Forensic Practice is a corporate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

The Duja forensic practice consists of a dedicated team of forensic investigators, which is made up of ex police officials, chartered accountants and diverse legal specialists, supplemented with data analytic and digital forensic specialists. Over and above these resources and support staff we have an active pool of reliable experts, specializing in the Engineering, Medical, Veterinary and Science fields, who formally assist us on an ad hoc basis.

Duja Consulting has been involved in the planning and leading of various large scale Forensic and Audit investigations. We have adopted a project management framework that ensures quality throughout audit and forensic assignments. Our team members are trained to ensure compliance to legislation and the project managers ensure a high level of operational standards.

With our experience of over 18 years in the forensic environment, we can assist our clients with a range of investigation and other specialised services.

Due diligence / Background checks

At Duja, we focus on the retrieval of specialised background information from a broad spectrum of databases. We legally obtain data from public records and databases and maintain a high degree of confidentiality and discretion through the entire inquiry process.

Duja can assist its clients with the following:

  • Background checks on employees, clients and third parties
  • 3rd Tier business interest analysis. The analysis will assist clients in identifying if any employees hold business interests in vendors and/or clients.
  • Criminal checks on employees (written consent is required from the party whom the check will be conducted upon)

Computer forensics

Computer Forensics entails the securing and analysis of digital evidence in a manner that can be presented in any criminal and civil proceedings and which can withstand the judicial process.

Most organisations in business today rely in computer related infrastructure, network and internet connectivity for their business operations. Technological advancements have enabled business to work smarter, communicate better and in instances provide and edge over the competitor. However, with the technological advancements there are numerous risks that the organisation suffers. A summary and certainly not a comprehensive list, is provided below:

  • Network intrusion and unauthorised system access
  • Amendment of supplier data on the suppliers’ master file
  • Unauthorized supplier payments due to compromised user credentials
  • Theft of intellectual property by former employees using external USB devices, email facilities and cloud storage services
  • Destruction of company information in electronic format
  • The creation of fictitious invoices and credit notes
  • Utilisation of company resources to conduct private business affairs

The risks highlighted above are just some of the risks that organisations face in the technological arena. At Duja, we are equipped to deal with any cyber-crime related and computer forensic matter.

Fraud Risk Management

To minimize the negative impact of fraud, corruption and/or other economic crime within a business, it is of utmost importance to develop a Fraud Risk Management Plan (FRMP).

Duja can assist its clients with the development / enhancement and implementation of a FRMP, which will be aligned to their clients’ organisational strategy.

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Procurement compliance services

Procurement is one of the government activities most vulnerable to corruption. Procurement compliance constitutes an important element of corruption risk management strategies in procurement processes, both in terms of prevention and detection of fraud and corruption.

Compliance checklists reflect good practice in procurement processes by providing a set of indicators to assess adherence to the organisation’s procurement rules and regulations. These checklists are often structured around the major phases of the procurement cycle and typically cover the various risks associated with each phase of the contracting process, using red flags as indicators. For the successful implementation of such compliance tool, Duja can design such checklists for its clients, which are user-friendly, easy to apply and supported by regular training and awareness raising activities.

Design of policies and procedures

A policy is a statement of agreed intent that clearly and unequivocally sets out an organisation’s views with respect to a matter. It is a set of principles and/or rules that provide a definite direction for an organisation and assist in defining what must be done.

A procedure is a clear step-by-step method for implementing an organisation’s policy and/ or responsibility. Procedures describe a logical sequence of activities or processes that are to be followed to complete a task or function in a correct and consistent manner.

Procedures can be produced in the form of flowcharts, checklists or written steps of the process. At Duja, we will design your policies and procedures to suit your needs.

Administration of tender evaluation procedures

Throughout the tender evaluation procedure, Duja can assist its clients in an administrative capacity, by overseeing the evaluation process and to ensure that the evaluation process followed is aligned with the applicable standard operating policy and procedures of the organisation.

Some of our recent clients

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