Talent & Performance

Performance management

Smart organisations are continually finding new ways to enhance their people performance. Strategies that enhance productivity are likely to enhance employee health and wellness. Our training interventions focus on improvement in the people performance sphere and comprise of the following:

  • The basics of project management
  • Managing people for performance
  • The ABC of KPl’s
  • People management skills
  • Communicating to enhance performance
  • Improving team performance
  • The interrelationship and interface of performance, wellness and resilience

Our platform can link reward to performance through an automated process

We provide a performance management system that is:

  • Interactive, transparent and dynamic
  • Easy to use
  • Simplistic and drives an easy to understand performance evaluation process
  • A platform where customized performance indicators, performance agreements and performance appraisals can be easily administrated
  • Able to provide relevant performance data to identify high performing employees

Leadership Wellness & Performance

  • A brain performance opportunity profile and report to support leadership to  perform, innovate and lead optimally.
  • A 52 week individualised online support programme to develop areas of concern.
  • 15 online seminars to inform and educate leaders in the importance of brain well-being for performance.


High performing employees are probably the most valuable assets in business. The skills of successful employees are amongst the critical building blocks for success. In most instances, highly talented people display their talents as a skill. All business leaders and entrepreneurs are in agreement about the fact that a general scarcity of skills compromises the success and growth of their businesses. Skillsgrid is an automated system that enables employers to better understand the individual and collective skills of their employees, the skills gaps they face as well as training and development interventions necessary for optimal workforce success. It also informs the recruitment process with a match between the applicant and the skills profile related to each job.

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