Training & Development

Financial and accounting

At Duja, we have gained an understanding of the behaviors and knowledge necessary to face the challenges of a complex business environment through our financial and accounting training programs and seminars. Your team will derive value from the latest in financial training techniques to enhance their performance and ensure your organisation employs cutting-edge financial insight.

Duja provides the following training programmes:

  • Financial forecasting and modelling
  • Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
  • Fundamentals of cost accounting
  • Making finances a part of your management practices
  • Budgeting in the public sector
  • Managing project finances
  • Personal finance management

Performance and management

Smart organisations are continually finding new ways to enhance their people performance. Strategies that enhance productivity are likely to enhance employee health and wellness. Our training interventions focus on improvement in the people performance sphere and comprise of the following:

  • The basics of project management
  • Managing people for performance
  • The ABC of KPl’s
  • People management skills
  • Communicating to enhance performance
  • Improving team performance
  • The interrelationship and interface of performance, wellness and resilience

Team and individual simulated interactions

In today’s world, employees are flooded with a magnitude of learning options. Furthermore, employees have learnt to go nowhere without their laptops and cellular phones, causing them to focus on work instead of  development when attending formal training sessions. To this end, we have developed numerous interactive simulations and word-based board games, to ensure skills are transferred effectively and practiced actively while we have the candidate’s full attention.

The Duja simulations and games solutions include:

  • Branding 1”oh”1 (personal branding)
  • Cardex production game (value chain and project management)
  • The Influence game (conflict management and negotiation)
  • CSQ game ( planning)
  • Survive the Island game (decision making)
  • U-Can game (communication)
  • World-of-Work (business acumen)
  • Money Matters (personal finance)
  • Tree of Life (self discovery/strength/weaknesses)
  • Wear the Etiquette (business etiquette)
  • Time-is-Money (time management)
  • Color Accounting (financial management)

Materials Development

Our team of expert training materials development, have the ability to design a large variety of materials to suit your training needs. We are able to design:

  • Materials against registered Unit Standards , Outcome based
  • Customized training materials to address specific needs/gaps identified
  • Supporting training materials
  • Work based training materials
  • Assessments incorporating Diagnostic, Formative and Summative Assessments.

We follow certain unique principles when developing training material, our approach is:

  • Concept focused
  • Modeled on diversified techniques
  • Directed through translating principles
  • Visual objects composited
  • Needs/Gaps identified through consultation

We develop for various media, such as smartphone and other devices that are compatible: we develop e-learning, gamification, seminars and formal training interventions.

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